Tips to Prevent Aging

Tips to Prevent Aging
Age should be increased. However, the face must remain fresh and youthful! To anticipate the arrival of wrinkles before their time, do the following tips are easy applied daily.

1. Stop smoking. The nicotine content in cigarettes can accelerate the onset of wrinkles, especially on the tip of the eyes, forehead, and the side of the lip. In addition, the skin will appear dull and rough.

2. Avoid yo-yo syndrome.
Prevent increases and decreases in body weight (yo-yo syndrome) is too drastic, such as overly restrictive diets without balanced exercise and adequate nutrition.

3. Use a night cream.
Before bed, do not forget to clean the rest make up the entire face and neck, then smeared the night cream and eye cream that contains anti-aging, to disguise the wrinkles on the face, neck and eye area. Use a moisturizer also contains anti-aging moisturizer atu in the morning.

4. Regular exercise.
Perform an hour every day. In the current exercise, the pores of the skin will sweat. That is, the skin naturally clean itself so that the blood circulation going smoothly, and increase skin metabolism. Select a sport such as yoga, pilates, or swimming.

5. Avoid alcoholic beverages!

6. Drink plenty of water.
At least, drink 8 glasses of water per day. Lack of fluid in the body will have an effect directly on the skin, so skin looks scaly, dry, dull and loses its elasticity.

7. Take vitamins.
Complete your daily intake of vitamins C and E every day, to keep skin looking beautiful and fresh.

8. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Expand foods contain fiber and vitamins. Vegetables and fruits not only helped expedite the process of metabolism and digestion, but also provide additional nutrients for the skin. Choose colorful fruits such as papaya, tomatoes, oranges, apples, vegetables and foods made just as salad, gado-gado, Karedok, ointment, fresh vegetables. And do not forget to drink a glass of milk a day. If classified as obese, choose non-fat milk.

9. Enough sleep. Ideally, sleep under at 22:00 for 8 hours a day. Therefore, the process of skin repair and regeneration work effectively at 21.00-24.00.

Benefits of sunlight for heart health

Benefits of sunlight for heart health
First aid after a heart attack usually is cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the intake of anti-clotting drugs. There are simple ways to reduce damage from a heart attack, which brought the patient to the sun. 

Scientists said the strong light such as sunlight or even daylight can reduce the risk of heart attack and prevent permanent damage from the attack.
They say that heart attack victims can recover faster during hospitalization only with exposure to light during the day. Sunlight during the hospital is also capable of reducing damage caused by heart attacks.

The answer, according to them, lies in the body clock or circadian rhythm that is associated with a state of light and dark. Regulated by the circadian clock protein in the brain. The same protein is also found in the heart. One of the proteins associated with the rhythms of the body, called the "second period" plays an important role in fending off the ravages of heart attack.

During cardiac arrest, the oxygen that goes to the heart is very little or none at all. Without oxygen, the heart must be switched from ordinary fuel, fat or glucose. Without changes in cardiac metabolism, the cells will die and heart broken.

The results showed that the two proteins are very important period in the change of fuel, from fat to glucose. Protein also makes the heart more efficient metabolism. The research team found that strong sunlight is able to activate protein 2 periods in animals and avoid heart damage after the attack.

"The sun, even daylight will reduce the risk of heart attack or heart damage after the attack," he said.

"This means that exposure to sunlight in the hospital can reduce the damage caused by heart attacks,"

The research is published in the scientific journal Nature Medicine. Future studies will look at how the sun's rays and light can alter the metabolism of the heart. It can be used for the treatment of cardiac patients.

Benefits of Outdoor Jogging

A little review about the benefits of jogging in the Outdoor area
For those who live in big cities, a fitness center is the last option for exercise. Although it is not wrong, but a study reported by The Telegraph (20/6), states that jogging in locations such as parks and forests can reduce the risks associated with mental health.

Researchers found the conclusion that running around on the site has a positive effect on the healing of patients with depression and anxiety.

Researchers say even when jogging in the forest to reduce the level of depression by 50 percent compared to those who spend the time to exercise indoors, like at the gym.

Study conducted at the University of Glasgow is presented that is not just jogging, but other forms of activity such as walking, running, or cycling at the site is overgrown grass and trees can reduce stress levels of the brain.

"This is not a serious mental health problems, but problems of a general nature, such as mild depression, insomnia, high stress levels or simply feeling unable to cope with the problem, â €? Said Prof. Mitchell.

Kitchen spice Also Can Make It Slim?

Strict dieting to lose weight? Slender body can not be instant. Many natural foods can be consumed. Including a variety of spices in the kitchen. Spices, vegetables and whole grains can help you stay slim.

Wheat and brown rice is the staple food is often consumed during the diet. As reported by the timesofindia, the food was always available kitchen is also good for health and able to make the body stay slim. Here are five types of materials available and the kitchen can keep your body slim.

1. Cereals
Wheat, brown rice and maize are almost always available in the kitchen. These grains contain many nutrients and fiber. Easily digested and contain lots of antioxidants to prevent cancer, diabetes, obesity and constipation.

2. greens
Certainly do eat vegetables every day. Green vegetables contain more fiber. Green vegetables will help keep bowel movements and healthy digestion. If taken regularly can reduce the number of calories in the body.

3. cinnamon
One teaspoon of cinnamon powder per day can help you lose weight. Cinnamon can reduce blood sugar levels and maintain digestive health. Not only that, also cinnamon can lower bad cholesterol (LDL).

4. Mustard seed
Small brown mustard seeds most commonly used in European cuisine. When roasted mustard seeds will issue a fragrant aroma. Rich in nutrients such as selenium, magnesium and omega 3 fatty acids.

5. ginger
Traditional natural medicine can reduce nausea or eneg. It feels fresh and warm, able to cure coughs and flatulence. It also can lose weight and inhibits the absorption of alcohol.

five fruits contaminated with pesticide

Many processed foods began to be avoided in some people. Consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables began to be propagated. Fruits that are considered good for health pesticides were easily contaminated. Karenaya need to be vigilant.

Pests on fruit crops is always interfere with the growth of fruit. Pesticides or pesticides are often sprayed on crops to kill pests. Because of this pesticide can be attached to the fruit. If not washed before eating, can be harmful to health.

These fruits are much polluted by pesticides:

1. Apple
The fruit is the most contaminated pesticide. According to the results of pesticide testing, about 98 percent of pesticides attached to this fruit.

2. Strawberry
Sour taste of fresh fruit is indeed good for health. However, this fruit contains 13 kinds of pesticides were detected.

3. wine
After testing, the fruit is contaminated by 15 types of pesticides. Should wash thoroughly before eating.

4. Peach
Fruit from China is often called a peach. Although it contains many nutrients, the fruit is also contaminated with pesticides.

5. Blueberry
Fruit is still rarely encountered this taste a bit sour and often used as a salad topping or ice cream. Based on the results of testing a sample of blueberries contains 13 different types of pesticides.

10 Benefits of smile

A smile is a prayer, a smile had something good for other than beneficial relationship with the surrounding, because a smile is the closest distance between two people. Moreover smile also have a positive impact for our health.

Smile for Health (source :

1. A smile makes you more attractive
People who smile a lot has its appeal. People who like to smile to make people around him feel comfortable and happy. People are always frowning, scowling, frowning and grinning making people uncomfortable around. Certainly a lot of smiling people who have many friends.

2. A smile can change the feeling
If you're sad, try to smile. A smile would make sense for the better. According to the study, a smile can trick the body so the feeling changes.

3. A smile can be contagious
Type the person's smile, he will make the atmosphere more cheerful. People around you will surely smile and feel happier

4. A smile will reduce stress and make the mind more clearly
Stress can be seen on the face. with a smile can eliminate facial fatigue, boredom, and sadness. When you are stressed, take time to smile.

5. A smile increases immunity.
A smile makes the immune system work better. The body's immune function works best when a person feels relaxed. According to research, flu and cough can be lost with a smile.

6. Smile lowers blood pressure
Do not believe? Let you record the blood pressure when you're not smiling again and record blood pressure when you smile when examined. Blood pressure when you smile definitely lower.

7. Smiles release endorphins, a natural numbing, and serotonin
A smile is like a natural medicine. A smile can produce endorphins, a natural numbing, and serotonin. All three hormones which are able to control pain.

8. Smiles make the young
Move many muscle smile. As a result of facial muscles trained so that you do not need to do a face lift. Secured with many smiles you'll look more youthful.

9. A smile makes you look successful.
People who smile look more confident, well-known and reliable. Attach a smile at meetings or meet with clients. Sure your colleagues will see you better.

10. A smile makes people think positive.
Try to do this: think about bad things with a smile. It must be hard. Cause, when you smile, the body sends a signal "life is good". So that when she smiled, accepted the body as a gift.

Hair Tips, Get More Fertile

Having thick hair is the hope of many people. But unfortunately not everyone can get it. Many people whose hair is still not thrive despite trying a wide range of shampoos and hair care products differently.

So what's the solution? The solution is, no need to force yourself to buy a variety of hair care products are expensive, because in fact most of the maintenance of healthy hair can be started from within our bodies, not outside.
Provide Nutrients In Hair To Grow Fertile

The first tip, keep your nutrition so that your hair grow fast.

The number of hair-care product ads make people become fixated on the view that to have a thriving hair need to buy various products, but not so. The truth, like many other organs, hair growth also depends on the intake of nutrients that enter the body. The better the nutrients that enter, the better the growth.

As described by the Mayo Clinic, good nutrition will be able to provide a very real difference in the level of fertility and health of hair. One of the nutrients that are important and need to be met is a B vitamin, because it is a nutrient that helps to provide a fresh supply of oxygen.

Explained also by the Linus Pauling Institute (part of the Oregon State University), B vitamins play a huge role to help so that hemoglobin can carry and release oxygen in the body, including on our scalp.

In addition, vitamin B also plays a major role in helping to carry nutrients from the whole body, and also helps in forming red blood cells that transports these nutrients. This vitamin can be found in various meat products.

Other important vitamins like vitamin A, C, E, which is a vitamin with antioxidant properties. Anti-oxidant properties brought about by a variety of vitamins will prevent damage brought about by free radicals, which makes skin and hair aging (degenerative effects) and not as green as before. These nutrients are found in many vegetables and fruits.

Other nutrients that need to be fulfilled is like Omega Fatty Acids (3, 6, 9) and also a variety of high protein foods, like nuts and meat. Why is protein? Basically because our hair is generally formed by the protein, so we were much needed.
Healthy Lifestyles For Hair The Fertile

Tip two, keep your mental condition, and do sports.

One of the other causes of hair growth are infertile because of a person's perceived stress, and lack of exercise.

Mayo Clinic explained that the changes in hormones and body condition also may play a role in the quality of one's hair growth. Like for example, in pregnant women hair growth can be changed, and the people who diligently exercising can increase hair growth.

In a study of the British Medical Journal, quoted by Science Daily also found that stress can be correlated with poor health and of course a person's hair growth.
Conclusions and Closing

Thus, it is not too difficult a way to have rumbut healthy and thrive. No need of expensive products, just to maintain health and keep your intake of nutrients. Cheaper, easier and certainly more healthy too, of course.

May be useful for you.

15 Minute Meditation, Can Make More Healthy Heart

Did You Know That The 15 Minute Meditation, Can Make Your Heart Healthier

One great if you think meditation is an activity that a waste of time and useless. A recent study published the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine indicated that regular meditation can improve health care quality by warping lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, especially among adolescents most at risk.

The study involves dozens of black teenagers who have high blood pressure proves that meditation significantly help improve health conditions. Those who meditate twice a day for 15 minutes is likely to have left ventricular mass (LV mass) was lower. In the medical world, an increase in LV mass is known as one indicator of future cardiovascular disease.

Half of the adolescents were trained in transcendental meditation and asked to meditate for 15 minutes in the classroom and 15 minutes at home for a period of four months. While other participants were only given education on how to reduce the health problems of blood pressure (hypertension) and risk of cardiovascular disease, but not with the practice of meditation.

LV mass was measured by means of two-dimensional echocardiogram before and after the study. Group of teenagers who meditated showed a significant reduction in LV mass.

"The increase in mass of the left ventricle of the heart muscle usually caused by the extra workload on the heart with high blood pressure. Some teenagers already have a higher left ventricular mass due to increased blood pressure, this condition will continue to carry into adulthood," said Dr. Vernon Barnes, of the Medical College of Georgia and the Georgia Health Sciences University Institute of Public and Preventive Health.

During meditation, the participants over the rest, the sympathetic nervous system activity is reduced and the body releases stress hormones less than usual. "As a result, blood vessels relax, reducing blood pressure and heart work less," he said.

In fact, says Barnes, school records showed improved behavior among adolescents who meditate. "Transcendental meditation is much deeper than the rest of the body to sleep," said Barnes.

"Statistics show that one out of every 10 black teenagers have high blood pressure. If practiced from time to time, meditation can reduce the risk of these adolescents develop heart disease as are other additional health benefits," he said.

Sources : Asian News Internationa

Tips To Avoid the Migraine

Migraine is a common illness for many people. This is a health problem faced by more than 10 percent of the population duni. So as not to be attacked, there are some healthy habits that you do.

Source :

There are many ways to cure migraine headaches, but it does not work permanently. After a few days, lsakit head this side will attack again.

Believed to be a good and healthy diet can cure migraines naturally. However, lifestyle or unhealthy habits can trigger headaches. So, there are a few tips to keep in mind for a healthy life.

Here are some healthy habits that can be done to prevent migraine attacks caused, as reported by boldsky, Saturday (09/06/2012):

1. Eat on time
Skip meals because for whatever reason can affect health in many ways. If you suffer from migraines and diet at the same time, do not make the mistake of skipping meals will help you lose extra body fat.

This will end up with an increase in blood sugar levels and can eventually lead to migraines. In addition, the acidity of the stomach affects the brain and cause headaches. To avoid this, eat on time and regularly. Do not skip meals or eat too little.

2. Sport
A healthy body produces a healthy mind. To stay fit and active, you must exercise regularly. It also helps prevent migraine attacks.

3. Enough sleep
Too much sleep or sleep deprivation can affect your body. Sleep enough to prevent migraine headaches. Ideally, adults should sleep for 6-7 hours and not more than 9 hours a day. Maintain a sleep schedule for better results.

4. Quit smoking
Smoking or drinking alcohol can increase migraine attacks. If you think smoking can help to overcome headache, try to think again.

Nicotine not only cause inflammation in the throat and lungs, but also make you addicted. Alcohol contains tyramine that trigger migraines. When consumed in excess, alcohol can cause headaches and motion sickness.

Stress in Children, Can Inhibit Brain Growth

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison states, stress can affect brain development in children by changing the growth of certain parts of the brain and the ability of brain function.

"There have been many animal studies linking acute and chronic stress to changes in the brain called the prefrontal cortex, involved in complex cognitive ability to remember important information quickly and use," said Jamie Hanson, of the University of Wisconsin Madison.

"We have found a similar association in humans, and found that individuals who frequently experience stress associated with more problems to some types of cognitive processes," he said.

Researchers say children who have experienced stressful events more intense and almost every moment of their lives has a score or a low value when doing a test called a spatial working memory. These children tend to have trouble navigating the short-term memory tests.

Brain scans showed that the anterior cingulate, a part of the prefrontal cortex is believed to play a key role in spatial working memory, takes up less space in children are more often exposed to stress. "This is a subtle difference, but this difference was significant associated with cognitive ability," said Hanson who published his findings in the Journal of Neuroscience.

In their study, researchers determined the level of stress through interviews with children ages 9 to 14 years along with their parents. The research team, comprised of UW-Madison psychology professor Richard Davidson of Seth Pollak and extensively collect biographical events from mild to severe stress.

"Instead of focusing on one specific type of stress, we tried to look at a variety of stress," says Hanson. "We want to know as much as we can, and then use all this information to then get an idea of ​​how chronic stress and challenges of each child," he added.

Researchers also noted a change in brain tissue known as white matter and gray. Gray matter in early development appear to allow for flexibility; children can play and excel in different activities.

This study intended to how experts can help children who often experience stress. "Understanding whether and how stress affects this process can help us find out whether there may be similar interventions that can help children living in conditions of stress, and how this may affect the brain," researchers said.

Source : Physorg

Is there a relationship coffee with a Heart Attack?

For coffee lovers, it's not complete if it did not start the day without a glass of hot coffee in the morning. But behind the pleasures, many people assume that the caffeine content of coffee can trigger heart health problems.

Is it true that coffee consumption can be harmful to the heart? Please note, not all copies have the same effect. In fact, some studies have not been fully able to prove the threat.

Some research on coffee is decorated with various contradictions in the results. In addition to the methodology and the size of the study, some differences in the way the presentation can also affect the coffee.

Unfiltered coffee contains chemicals called diterpenes kahweol and cafestol like, associated with an increase in bad cholesterol or LDL, which eventually lead to an increased risk of heart disease. Some studies suggest that drinking boiled coffee without filtter, can raise cholesterol as much as 10 percent. Experts believe that chemicals in coffee can be removed with filter paper.

The most well-known chemicals in coffee is caffeine. On average, one cup of brewed coffee contains about 100 mg or caffeine. While decaffeinated coffee or decaf coffee contains only a few milligrams of caffeine alone.

Assessment of Research

Common perception that coffee drinking can affect heart rate or rhythm. This assumption is not entirely true. A Canadian study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in January 1991 has reviewed the five previous studies of participants with abnormal heart rhythm problem. They found that drinking five cups of coffee a day did not exacerbate cardiac rhythm.

Interestingly, a large-scale study involving about 130,000 people were members of the insurers 'Kaiser Pemanente' showed that participants who drank three cups of coffee a day, 20 percent are less likely to be hospitalized due to abnormal heart rhythms than those who drank no coffee.

Meanwhile, research at Harvard involving 45 000 healthy men, joined in the Health Professionals Foolow-Up Study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1990, found that coffee drinking has no effect on the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Whereas a more recent findings in Japan (81 000 men and women), published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health showed that drinking one or two cups of coffee per day was associated with reduced risk of death from heart disease to 23 percent.

Another study in 2008 in Spain, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, involved 129 000 men and women over two decades discovered that women who drank four to five cups per day had 34 percent lower risk of dying from heart disease, while men who consumed more than five cups a day, 44 percent had a lower risk of dying from heart disease.

Should drink coffee?

Before you begin to recommend coffee as a drink to your health, you need first to answer this question: Can coffee harmful to health?

Consumption of coffee on a regular basis in statistics and research have not been able to produce conclusive evidence whether the benefits of drinking coffee has a direct effect or not.

There are over 1,000 chemicals contained in coffee, many of which have been tested and shown to have cancer-causing effects in animal studies when given in high doses.

One of acrylamide - a chemical carcinogen - that abortion is higher in brewed coffee instead of instant coffee. Acrylamide also causes nerve damage in people who have very high levels of stress in the workplace.

Caffeinated coffee may not be suitable for some people, especially those who are elderly, who are unable to metabolize caffeine effectively and do not tolerate coffee well. In some conditions, it also may aggravate pre-existing conditions such as heartburn, migraines, insomnia and abnormal heart rhythms.

Basically, drinking coffee is not harmful as long as it is consumed in the right amount and not excessive. There are better ways to reduce heart disease and stroke, such as stopping smoking, reducing cholesterol diet and exercise.

Source : asiaone

Mango Skin Can be Slimming Your Body

If you're planning to lose weight, try to eat mangoes, but do not forget to eat the skin. A latest study claims that eating mango skin can protect against obesity.

In its findings, Australian researchers found that the skin of two mango varieties which are common, namely a mango 'Irwin' and mango "Nam Dok Mai ', containing a high concentration of bioactive that can inhibit the development of human fat cells.

"We know that the mango has many excellent nutritional properties, but need more work to be done to understand the complex natural compound found in mangoes and other fruits," said the researchers, Professor Mike Gidley of the Queensland Alliance.

Gidley said the findings were not bizarre, because the outer skin of the fruit does have a chemical composition very different from the flesh of the fruit.

"More detailed chemical analysis of the skin and the meat is very valuable for the mango growers and processors, who are always looking for new ways to add a list of other benefits of mangoes," he added.

In his study, researchers analyzed the chemical components of fruit with methanol extract of the skin and flesh, of the three types of mangoes, like Irwin, Nam Dok Mai and Kensington Pride.

Results of analysis is known that the skin extract of Kensington Pride mango species can promote adipogenesis or fat-storing cells, rather than the other two types of mangoes. While this type of Irwin mango and Nam Dok Mai actually able to significantly inhibit adipogenesis (the initial process of fat cells turn into mature fat cells).

But the similarities, extract the meat from the three types of mango mangoes are equally unable to inhibit fat storage.

Professor Greg Monteith from the University of Queensland School of Pharmacy said, there are many reasons why the skin of mangoes has the ability to scrape the fat, while the flesh is not.

"A complex interaction of unique bioactive compounds in mango bark extract may be responsible for this, not because a single component in it," said Monteith.

The findings are published in the journal Food & Function. Investigators suggest, their findings can help manufacturers develop varieties of mangoes that are actively helping to reduce obesity.

"Obesity is associated with many chronic disease conditions such as diabetes mellitus, coronary disease and certain cancers such as breast and colon. There is growing evidence linking the role of phytochemical compounds in the inhibition of adipogenesis, and protection against obesity," explained the researchers.

"These results suggest that differences in composition between the cultivars of mango phytochemicals can affect their effectiveness in inhibiting adipogenesis and switch target of mango skin as a potential source of nutraceuticals (foods that provide health benefits)," the researchers concluded.

Natural Nutrition For Your Hair

Various plants and fruits are believed to provide vitamins and protect hair. But of course its use should be tailored for your hair type.

So what are the plants and fruits that are considered in addition can be healthy but also to beautify and embellish the 'crown' us? Let's look at them.

1. Hazelnut
Hazelnut flavor is more commonly known as food supplement. But of course you already know that the seeds pecan bermafaat also to treat the hair, which is to blacken and soften.

Pecan is believed to be rich in lonoleic acid, vitamin E and several other important nutrients that are good for hair. Pecan can be used as a mask for beautiful hair mendaptkan.

2. Aloe Vera
Who does not know aloe vera or aloe vera? Maanfaat lot of plants that are like the aloe vera is due to the jagged edges of this.

Aloe vera may soften and smooth the hair because the content gilkoprotein.

Addition of aloe vera can reduce the oil on the scalp so dandruff and hair loss is not easy because the content of Antibacterial control excess sebum (an oily substance produced naturally by the body which is also produced in the glands of the hair).

Cleanse the pores of the scalp of dirt with sweat and oil. Also keep the moisture of the scalp and hair follicles.

This is caused by the mineral content of aloe vera which can reach more than 20 kinds of mineral and vitamin content is also very diverse and consists of vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12 and C. And naturally black hair.

3. Avocado
In addition to fresh as a dessert, the avocado is also beneficial for dry hair type and hair loss as a conditioner or mask. Usually combined with coconut oil or coconut milk, because they are rich in oil content and contain vitamins such as B6, A and E.

Substances in avocados were also able to stimulate hair growth. If you want to try, there are several ways to get this conditioner.

How to use is a mix of avocado and coconut milk until the texture thickens evenly as shampoo. Dab a little onto your hair like a comb to do so evenly throughout the hair.

Leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

4. Moringa Seed
Maybe his name is not familiar to our ears, but plants from India, the seeds are believed to contain micro-protein as antipollution that can strengthen and soften hair.

5. Asparagus

Believed to contain proteins that are excellent for providing moisture and keep hair strength. Hair becomes soft and shiny.