How to Eliminate Body Odor Naturally

How to eliminate body odor is very easy if we know his body odor is an unpleasant thing for us to feel it as well as our friends and relatives or any other person, body odor can also reduce our confidence in any activity, especially in keramain and mingle.

Here is how to eliminate body odor naturally:

Tomato is a natural antiseptic that can kill a wide range of bacteria, including bacteria that makes the body less savory flavorful. As quoted Curebum, body odor can be lost with frequent drinking tomato juice. It is recommended to drink tomato juice three times a day. Tomato juice is not only drunk, but can also be mixed in the bathtub, as an addition to your bathing ritual.

Green Tea
Body odor can be caused by environmental factors, such as pollution, sun and dust. Body odor due to environmental factors can be addressed with materials that contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are good to beat the unpleasant smell on the body is green tea. Green tea also has a distinctive aroma. When diligent drink, then the fresh smell of green tea can come out of the body.

Celery leaves can fight body odor. The content of celery can fight the toxins in the body that causes body odor. So, do not forget to put the celery in your healthy diet.

Grass Juice

Certain types of grass can be used as a beverage. It may sound strange, but grass juice has been sold at beverage outlets at shopping malls. Reporting from Foodscout, the efficacy of grass juice is believed to overcome the unpleasant smell on the body