6 Tips on Eliminating Stress Without Cost

Reputation of stress as the cause of the loss of happiness, until the cause of the disease, it is well known. Unfortunately not many people are aware of how to manage the inevitable stress of a difficult life.

Everyone needs recreational activities as an outlet to relax the tension. Psychologists assert that even recreation is very important for mental health because of the pressure distribution of severe life need not to cause frustration.

Want to reduce the stress of living with the cheap and without reducing the time? 6 The following tips may be able to release the stress you put on the agenda daily.

1. A. Reading a book 
This is an activity that not only makes us stop for a moment think of a mountain of problems, but also makes us into a new world as being read. Read at night is the recommended activities. The bedroom is a warm, comfortable, and peaceful. Combine with a good book, then you will feel re-focus on yourself.

2. Sitting in the park 
If you are observant, are actually quite a lot of "oasis" smaller all around us. In addition to the complex area of ​​housing, small, green park is now pretty much scattered around the office. Take the time about 5 minutes to sit and enjoy the fresh air and green parks.

3. View images 
A look back photo album of fun events are one of stress release are cheap and effective. Imagine yourself back on the happy event and feel the sensation.

4. Walk or exercise 
Physical activity is a healthy way to relieve stress because it can trigger antistress hormones. Take a few minutes each morning or after lunch.

5. Meditation 
Any activity that can make our concern is to stay calm and focus can be called a meditation. That means the activity can embroider, write, sew, or sit still. Perform 5-10 minutes every day and feel the stress levels down.

6. Take a break 
When emotions are not dammed, divert your attention for a moment focus on something new. For example, look at the window, sipping hot tea, or watching the trees blowing in the wind. Let your imagination free for a moment.

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Cholesterol Lowering Drugs Trigger Diabetes Risk

Cholesterol Lowering Drugs Trigger Diabetes Risk

Food and drug regulatory agency in the United States (FDA) will require the manufacturers of cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins, to declare on the packaging side effects of an increased risk of diabetes.

The decision was taken after many reports of patients taking statins increase blood sugar. "The FDA is also aware of any studies that show statins associated with an increased risk of diabetes mellitus," the FDA said in a statement issued Tuesday (28/2).

Some cholesterol-lowering drugs statins include Lipitor, Pravachol, Crestor, Zocor, and several other generic drugs.

"We want health care workers and patients get complete information about the risks of statins. But patients also need to be convinced that the drug is beneficial for lowering cholesterol," said Mary Parks, director of FDA's division of metabolism and endocrinology.

Pharmaceutical companies themselves say that the use of statins in combination with good diet and exercise will be effective for lowering cholesterol.

Another revision will be done in the statin drug packaging is the abolition of the recommendation for patients to check liver enzymes. According to the FDA, liver enzymes can be measured before patients start taking statins.

"A serious disturbance in the liver caused by statins is very rare and difficult to predict," the FDA said. Even so the patient should report to your doctor if you experience symptoms of liver disorders, such as abdominal pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, dark urine color, or yellow skin color.

The FDA also said the risk of memory loss and confusion when taking statins, but that risk can be eliminated if the consumption of statins is stopped.


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The Scent of Rosemary Oil May Improve Speed and Accuracy During Mental Tasks

Can a whiff of rosemary boost your performance at work or school?
It’s possible. A new study suggests that the pungent and pine-like scent of rosemary oil may improve speed and accuracy when performing certain mental tasks.

Twenty people were asked to perform subtraction exercises and a task to see how quickly they could process new information before and after being exposed to the scent of rosemary in their work stations. Researchers measured participants’ blood levels of 1, 8-cineole, rosemary's main chemical component, after the experiment.

The higher their blood levels of this compound, the better the participants scored on these tasks, the study shows. Speed and accuracy got better, but the oil did not seem to improve alertness. Exactly how rosemary can improve mental ability is not fully understood.

The findings are published in Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology.
Alan Hirsch, MD, is the director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. He says the findings take aromatherapy to a whole new level. “This opens up the doorway for us to explore other odors and how they affect people,” he says.
So, should we place some rosemary-scented potpourri in our work station?
“It is something to think about if you want to improve your learning, as long as you like the smell of rosemary,” Hirsch tells WebMD.

More Research on Rosemary’s Brain-Boosting Effects Needed

Christy C. Tangney, PhD, says more study is needed to see how, or even if, rosemary affects how quickly and accurately we perform mental exercises. She is an associate professor in the department of clinical nutrition at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. “This is an intriguing concept, but very preliminary,” she says.

The findings could be due to chance or something else besides the fragrance. “There is something here. I don’t know that I could conclude that it is the aroma of the rosemary that is associated with improvements though,” Tangney says.

She agrees with Hirsch. If you like the scent of rosemary, there is no reason not to surround yourself with it. “Rosemary has been used as an herb for generations, and there is nothing to say it is potentially harmful, at least in the short term.”

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Nuts Walnuts may prevent breast cancer ..?

Breast cancer is the type of disease most feared and haunt her, but for breast cancer that has not been a good idea to try foods that can inhibit breast cancer, such as walnuts.
Compared with the type of the other nuts, walnuts are very unique. As information, kenarilah is the only one of the most nuts contain alpha-linolenic acid, one type of omega 3 fatty acids that are bioactive components that can inhibit the formation of the type of cancer MDA-MB 231 or breast cancer.

The researchers from Marshall University School of Medicine was trying to figure out what the content contained in walnuts.

Walnuts are not very popular compared to so many other foods are touted as anti-cancer foods such as soybeans, tomatoes and others. Yet studies show that regular consumption of walnuts can lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase healthy cholesterol (HDL) in the body.

Not only that, walnuts are also very well known to prevent and slow the progression of breast cancer. Walnuts are very unique compared to other nuts as only kenarilah the only nuts that contain alpha-linolenic acid, one type of omega 3 fatty acids which contain the most widely quoted as saying of Health.
Other sources, namely alpha-linolenic soybeans, flaxseed, fish and some green vegetables, but it implies only a little and there is nothing more than a walnut.

In their study, researchers wanted to determine the effect of walnut consumption on breast cancer development in mice. Components contained in walnuts as phytosterols, polyphenols, carotenoids, melatonin and omega 3 fatty acids are bioactive components that can inhibit the formation of the type of cancer MDA-MB 231 or breast cancer.

To find out its effectiveness, the tumor cells were injected in two groups of rats as a forerunner to breast cancer. One group was fed walnuts and other groups do not. After 10 days, tumor cells found in mice not given the growing walnuts, in contrast to rats that ate the canary experienced a shrinkage of tumor cells.

From there, investigators from the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology know that walnuts can indeed mengahambat growth of cancer cells, especially breast cancer. Researchers also found levels of eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and docosahexaenoic (DHA) in liver of rats given a canary higher than mice not given a walnut.

EPA and DHA are known to many in the marine fish such as salmon, sardines and others. But it implies the canary would not lose much. In addition to known benefits in preventing cancer growth and mengahmbat, EPA and DHA are also very good for brain development and increase capacity.

Secrets Behind the Color Purple Eggplant

Eggplant would have to know the color of eggplant also must also have at least know the color purple, but do you know the secret behind the color of eggplant purple ..? The following description and the content behind the purple eggplant

1. Phycocyanian
Protein complexes that are useful to stimulate stem cells in bone marrow, play a role in the production of red and white blood cells, prevent or fight cancer, bleeding hemorrhoids, sores ulcers, are antioxidants, preventing blockage of blood vessels due to the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, anti-inflammatory and protective brain cells. Phycocyanin also help to prevent various diseases caused by poor communication between cells, such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, and Huntington.

2. Anthocyanins
Flavonoids are compounds that protect cells from ultra violet rays. This pigment is believed to enhance vision at night. Anthocyanin was also able to treat a variety of dangerous diseases such as cancer, diabetes mellitus, and heart attacks. In addition, anthocyanins are also useful as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to protect the brain.

3. Vitamin
Some of the vitamins contained, among others, vitamin B complex is very high, A, C, E, K and vitamin D is good for bone health. Riboflavin (B2) is rather difficult to obtain from other plants, but very useful for forming red blood cells, bone marrow, and nervous system so that
can prevent anemia. The content of niacin (B3) calming effect that can help cure stress.

4. Iron
Useful to prevent iron anemia, which affects many pregnant women and children. This condition will make the red blood cells is reduced and makes people sick.

5. Selenium
One of the essential mineral that the body can not produce this is very important in the activation of antioxidant enzymes, immune system and regulation of the thyroid gland so that spared from mumps, maintain and defend the body from infection, modulation of growth and development of the body, prevent infertility
in men, preventing coronary heart disease, supporting the function of antioxidants and reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

6. Ellagic Acid
Is a phenolic component which can prevent blood clots, and inhibit tumor growth in cancer cells, as well as preventing damage to the gene.

7. Salicylates
These natural components can reduce the risk of contracting heart attack.

8. Resveratrol

Natural components of efficacious to prevent heart disease, stroke, cancer, tumors,
are anti-inflammatory, and increase stamina.

Honey secrets for beauty and health!

Honey secrets for beauty and health! : At first sight all know about honey. But let’s glance more deeply - in a chemical compound of flower honey. It contains phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, chlorine, copper, sulphur, lead and others macro- and microcells. Science confirmed some similarity between mineral structure of honey and human blood. Honey consists of more than 70 chemical elements without which human life would be inconceivable.

Honey - a sweet substance developed by bees from floral nectar they collect and process with help of diastasis. Nectar or processed juice of a bee is put in honeycombs, where process of transformation into honey proceeds.

Since long time honey is used in cosmetology for beauty and health preservation. Medical effect of honey is promoted by structure of sugars, mineral substances, microcells, vitamins, enzymes, biologically active substances. Honey is use as bracing, toning up means restoring force. It is applied in treatment of wounds and burns, cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver, bilious ways, gastroenteric path diseases .

Honey secrets for your beauty and health!
A well-known mathematician of Ancient Greece Pythagoras asserted that he lived to a ripe old age because he used honey.
Besides honey, other products of bees are used in cosmetology, such as royal jelly, propolis and wax.

Royal jelly stimulates exchange processes in skin, giving it elasticity, promotes active regeneration of skin, normalises fatty balance, renders bracing, toning up and antiseptic influence.

Propolis is traditionally used for treatment and strengthening of hair of any type. It contains all necessary vegetative pitches, essence, mineral salts and vitamins, which help keeping splendour, shine and elasticity of hair, and also accelerate their growth considerably.

Beeswax is a magnificent natural scrub. It delicately peels lifeless cells of skin, cleaning pores and eliminating pollution.

Honey massage
Honey massage is prescribed for creation of velvety and smooth skin, clearing pores, deducing of metabolism products and removal of surpluses of fat content. Experts believe that honey massage is the most effective of all kinds of massage by medical result.
During such massage skin co-operates with biologically active useful substances and vitamins containing in honey. A modern course is calculated on 12-15 sessions. They are arranged every other day so that skin would have time to have a rest.

Honey can be named the most useful product. It contains salts of calcium, sodium, magnesium, copper, iron, sulphur, chlorine, phosphorus contain - all of them have huge value for a human body. Calcium is irreplaceable for a bone tissue; iron lack leads to anaemia; phosphorus is a part of some nucleinic acids, which take part in processes of growth, cell fissions, storages and use of genetic information.

Besides, honey contains almost all microcells which are a part of blood and actively participate in exchange processes: aluminium, iron, iodine, magnesium, sodium, sulphur, zinc, etc. It contains vitamins B1, B2, В3, B5, B6, ВС, carotin. Also honey contains antibacterial and many other useful substances. Recently scientists found out in it big maintenance of antioxidants having antineoplastic influence and interfering development of heart diseases.

For bigger efficiency they add essential oils in honey, depending on what result one wishes to achieve. Proportion: 1 teaspoon honey on 5 drops oil or a mix of oils.
The technics of such massage consists of two movements – cave-in of honey and its vacuum exit. In the beginning honey “occupies” pores, then a masseur “extends” this honey together with metabolism waste (organism waste).

It is important to remember that each zone of a body is processed separately, i.e. at first it is necessary to mass the right side and only after that - left.
First of all it is necessary to warm up skin and muscles of massed area. Simply knead them: warm up skin of hands, slightly pinch it from time to time, knock it with a palm edge. After that put some warm honey on palms and transfer it on a massed zone with easy patting movements .
After massage there are bruises, which dissapear eventually. Procedure is very painful only during first sessions, further skin adapts and massage passes much easier.
After a course of 12 procedures skin becomes velvety, puffiness disappears and cellulitis decreases. Body will look healthy and tightened.

Honey wrap
In the beginning you need a light massage with oil. Then a body is rubbed with orange juice mixed with honey. For active influence of a mix it is necessary to be wrapped up with polyethylene film and blanket. Wraps clear, feed, humidify skin.
It is possible to mix honey with cream or yoghurt, put on a body, and wrap up the way we described above.

Honey bath
Water temperature - 37-37,50С, duration - 15-30 minutes. After filling a bath by water, add 60 g honey (2 table spoons). Contra-indications to taking of honey baths – intolerance of honey, cardiovascular and pulmonary insufficiency, tumoral process, active inflammatory centre, blood diseases, diabetes. Course consists of 12-15 baths, daily or every other day.

Face packs
Honey-egg pack

Pound 1 egg yolk with 1 teaspoon dogrose oil and 1/2 teaspoons beer honey. Add 10 drops of fatty concentrate of vitamins A and E, mix everything and put a mask on face and neck. After 20 minutes wash face with warm, and then cold water. The mask is intended for daily care of  withering skin.

Indian mask - smoothing and clarifying, for fat skin with enlarged pores. Take 1 teaspoon honey, warm milk, potato starch, salt and mix. Put a mix on face skin and neck with a wadded tampon. In 20-25 minutes wash up face at first with warm, then cool water.

Apple-honey mask
Rub peeled apple on a small grater and mix with 1 table spoon honey. Put on face and neck for 15-20 minutes. This mask is for dry and normal skin, rejuvenates and bleaches it.
Honey and propolis are the most valuable products, which are widely used in cosmetology. They feed, soften, humidify and tone up head skin. Honey extract gives hair softness and silkiness, is useful to all types of hair, as prevents their fragility and dryness, promotes their growth, provides fine care of damaged hair.

1. Mix a honey teaspoon with 3 teaspoons castor oil. Warm up a mix slightly and put on hair. Wash off in an hour смойте.
2. Stir a honey teaspoon well with a table spoon mayonnaise, 2 crushed garlic cloves and 1 yolk. Such mask can be left for a night. In the morning wasg head and rinse with infusion of grasses.
3. Mix 2 teaspoons honey, 2 yolks and 2 teaspoons burr oils. Rub mix in a head skin, wash off in 40 minutes. Such mask is effective at hair fall and dandruff formation. Do it once a week within 2-3 months.
4. A nutritious honey aloe mask for hair.
Crush fleshy aloe leaf and mix it with 1 table spoon honey, 1 table spoon castor oil, 1 yolk and 1 tea spoon cognac. Rub a mix in hair and wash with water in 2 hours. Do this mask once a week - and in 4 weeks you will receive excellent result!
Honey mask for hands

Our hands require feed and care.
If skin of hands became dry and wrinkled, make a honey mask after which it will become elastic and soft again.
1 table spoon honey, 1 egg yolk and 1 tea spoon small pounded porridge.
Carefully mix all components and put received mix on a skin of hands for 20-30 minutes. It is better to do it directly before going to bed. Then you can leave this mask on hands for all night long, having dressed cotton gloves.
Do not forget to smile and fill heart with love: it is preventive maintenance of all illnesses!

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Improve Mood Through Food

Did you know that food has a major role especially in affecting mood or mood? Worry, anxiety, or depression may be a sign that your mood is not good. But not to worry, you can improve your mood by trying some of the following foods:

* Shellfish

Shellfish have vitamin B12 levels are high and serve to protect your brain healthy and sharp as we age. In addition, it also has a seafood essential nutrients like zinc, iodine and selenium to balance your mood. This compound is very important to keep your thyroid levels and set the mood remains on track.

* Blue Chips

Chips of this type is quite rare to find. Please note, the blue color of the potato contains a compound called anthocyanins (also found on normal potatoes). Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that provide neuro-protective benefits, which serves to strengthen in the short-term memory and as an anti-inflammatory.

Make sure also that you eat the skin. Potato skins loaded with iodine and also may help regulate levels of thyroid and mood regulator. If possible, you should choose organic potatoes.

* Meat of sheep

Grazing animals has yet another level of conjugated linoleic acid content is high. These compounds can normalize stress hormones, protects brain cells and overcome dangerous inflammation Drew said Ramsey, MD, an assistant professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

According to Ramsey, sheep meat contains heme iron (commonly found in foods of animal products) and most easily absorbed by the body. The presence of these minerals is especially important to keep your mood stable.

* Dark chocolate

Perhaps you've wondered why after eating a chocolate body feel better? Of course, besides that it tastes good, chocolate also can make you improve your concentration and mood. When blood flow to the brain increases, it helps you feel more vibrant and energetic.

A recent study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology found that eating at least a few ounces of dark chocolate a day in a better mood.

* Greek Yogurt

When compared with milk or yogurt in general, Greek yougurt has a higher calcium content. In addition, these foods can also make you feel happier. Proper level of calcium intake will help the body to release neurotransmitters.

"Disturbances in calcium can result in anxiety, depression, irritability, memory impairment, and slow thinking," said Dr. Ramsey. The content of probiotic yogurt can also help improve the digestive system and ward off illnesses like the flu.

* Asparagus

This plant is one of the main source of producing tryptophan, which helps in the formation of serotonin - a regulator of neurotransmitters in the brain. High levels of folate in asparagus can also promote happiness. A study showed that more than 50 percent of depressed patients had folate deficiency.

* Honey
Sugar consumption is known to release harmful free radicals associated with cancer. Even though honey is sweet taste like sugar, but honey has useful content such as quercetin and kaempferol that can help clean up free radicals and reduce inflammation.

"It helps reduce inflammation, which is very important to keep your brain healthy," said Dr. Ramsey.

* Tomatoes

All types of tomatoes are the source of lycopene, the fat soluble phytonutrients that help protect vital brain fat. These nutrients can also stop the accumulation of inflammatory processes associated with risk of depression. Dr. Ramsey explains, to maximize absorption of the compound lycopene (contained in tomatoes) in the body, you can cook it first with olive oil.

* Eggs
Dr. Ramsey said that eggs are the perfect food. Eggs can promote a person's mood with essential nutrients in them such as omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin B, and iodide, which also will keep you full and energized.

Choose eggs that are in the manufacturing process does not use a variety of hormones (like progesterone) and drug chickens to grow quickly and produce lots of eggs.

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Let No porous bones, Do not Forget 3 This

Certain foods can help prevent osteoporosis. Thus, it is necessary to know the best sources of nutrients that can strengthen and build bone density. Let me not brittle bones do not miss the three is yes.

Osteoporosis is the loss of bone tissue density or the occurrence of bone loss. Although it lost some bone density as we age is normal, but some people are at risk of losing a larger amount than the others, and osteoporosis.

But by eating foods rich in nutrients that it can keep bones healthy and strong so as to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Here are some nutrients that can strengthen and build bone density everydayhealth was quoted as saying on Monday (2/20/2012), among others:

A. Calcium

Calcium is essential for bone health. The body uses and loses calcium every day. If more calcium is lost than is replaced, there will be pengkeroposan on the bone. Because the body does not make calcium, it must get calcium from food.

Required amount of calcium in your diet every day is 1,200 mg for adults over 50 years, 1,000 mg for adults aged 19-50 years, and 1,300 mg for children aged 9-18 years. Milk is a rich source of calcium. Milk, yogurt, cheese, and frozen desserts are popular sources of calcium with 300 mg or more in a serving of one cup.

Milk with fat and lower moisture content is a concentrated source of calcium. Milk also contains phosphorus, a nutrient needed for calcium to work with. Some vegetables, like green vegetables contain 150-270 mg of calcium per serving. Other sources of calcium include:

a. Sardines and salmon with bones
b. Know
c. Almonds
d. Calcium-fortified foods like orange juice and cereals

If you can not eat dairy foods due to lactose intolerance, Tietyen recommend trying different dairy products, for example, yoghurt. If you can not get enough calcium from your daily diet, it can take a daily supplement.

2. Protein

"Protein is a nutrient important for bone health," said Janet Tietyen, PhD, RD, a professor from the University of Kentucky's School of Human Environmental Sciences.

A good source of protein, among others:

a. Meat, poultry, and fish
b. Nuts and seeds
c. Dairy products
d. Dried beans and peas
e. Eggs

Low and high protein diet can affect the body's ability to best use calcium. Eat protein in sufficient quantities is the best. Protein requirement for women aged 19 years and above was 46 grams per day, while for men 56 grams per day.

3. Other nutrients that can strengthen bones

Vitamin D is needed for calcium absorption and preventing bone loss. Dietary recommendations for vitamin D is 400-800 International Units (IU) for adults under the age of 50 years, and 800-1000 IU per day for adults aged over 50 years.

People may be able to meet the needs vitamin D to get at least 15 minutes a day of sun exposure. If staying at home or live in a colder climate, it could benefit from taking daily supplements of vitamin D by the number of 400-600 IU.

If you drink milk to get calcium, it can also get vitamin D, because it is usually added to milk. Other food sources rich in vitamin D are egg yolks, saltwater fish and liver.

Magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, fluoride, and vitamins A and C are also necessary to prevent bone loss. Eat a balanced diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, meat, nuts, and seeds can help to get the nutrients it needs.

Get at least the minimum recommended amount each day is the most important in maintaining healthy bones and prevent bone loss and osteoporosis. Identify the necessary nutrients in preventing bone loss, and make sure the daily diet contains enough nutrients essential for building bone density.

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Impact Of Breast Implants Breast Milk

Has a lot of risk presented by experts on breast implant surgery or. But how the risks in terms of raising the baby?

Breast surgery or breast implants are a way for some women to beautify her shape. Yet according to the study, women who do this risk can not breastfeed her baby.

You will remember, some time ago, Victoria Beckham breast implants removed shortly after the news of her pregnancy came to light. Perhaps these facts below that drive the mother of three children do it.

Breast milk has been proven as the most complete nutrition for newborns. Health experts worldwide have advised mothers to give milk to her baby for six months to two years.

Excerpted from the Care Fair, breastfeeding can be disrupted when a woman decides to change the shape of her breasts by surgery or implants. Medical research states that, breast implanted women who have had a different sensibility. Excessive breast sensitivity will cause a sense of comfort while nursing. Pain and pain will be felt extreme these women.

Not only that, in breast implants also can interfere with milk flow. So the baby can not get the maximum nutrition for the mother's milk production is too little.

The risk of an accident while operating can also make milk production to be interrupted. In the breast are the nerves that trigger the production of the hormone oxytocin and prolactin. Both hormones that affect milk production. When operating, some nerve damage are likely. That's what ultimately makes milk production impaired.

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Flower Bath for Health Benefits

Flower bath which is identical with the sacred and mystical, it is also very beneficial for health. Element of water and flowers as the main media, able to provide freshness and affection in the soul and body.

European studies revealed, bathing was not only good for cleaning the dirt and keep the body from stress, but also has an important role in enhancing the immune system.

The study results are published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that people with diabetes who spent just 30 minutes of soaking in a tub of warm water can lower blood sugar level about 13 percent.

Meanwhile, research in Japan habit revealed a 10-minute soak in warm water can improve heart health in men and women, helping to better exercise test, and reduce pain.

How to shower flowers? In essence, water and flowers are two elements that can be used as a means of relaxation. In the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, water is a very powerful element in the practice of energy healing.

Water is also positioned as a center of spiritual ritual. Not surprisingly, many cultures in the world consider water as an essential element for physical and spiritual cleansing. Until now, millions of people still came to a river or spring water is considered holy to have healing properties. Interest in water is a very instinctive for most of the composition of the brain, blood, and our muscles consist of water.

Relationships Celebrate
As described in Alternative Medicine Bokur Debra, when you go into yourself, you will be back at the core of relationships, namely with the world around you. Through this simple activity, the shower, you celebrate the past relationship between water and life.

With little effort, which made bathing everyday can be a nuanced meditation and mystical experience. That experience helped you in touch with the wisdom that lies within you.

"People have been using water to restore the body physically, mentally, and emotionally a long time ago," says Barbara Close, founder of Naturopathica Holistic Health, Australia, and author of Pure Skin: Organic Beauty Basics. Described, the water as a healing agent has been used for medicinal uses physical and psychological disorders.

Debra said, long before a spring considered sacred and attract pilgrims, came the habit of "taking water" in the spaces by the public baths of Europe. Population in Asia such as Indonesia has a ritual bath or Mesoamerica. Indonesia society sometimes incorporating the use of steam and sounds as ceremonial.

Not only that, she used to add interest in Indonesia ritual bath. The hope, that shower activity may be accompanied by a strong spiritual energy due to related native plants in the vicinity.


How To Beauty Take Care with Coffee

In addition to being a 'friend' who can warm you in the morning, it turns out coffee has its own benefits for body and beauty of your hair. Coffee not only contain caffeine which can make the body more concentrated, but the black beans were also contains fruit acids and organic acids, fats, alkaloids, mineral, potassium, magnesium and iron that are useful for many skin beauty.

In addition to the contents, the coffee is also rich in linoleic acid can prevent wrinkles. As summarized Ourvanity, here's some other benefits of coffee.

1. Refreshing Skin Lotion for Face
Make a cup of coffee and put into ice-cube, then freeze in the freezer until frozen. Then, pulaskan pieces of ice from the coffee into your face like a lotion. The face will return refreshed, after a day of activities.

2. Lotion to the Skin
In the morning, wipe the skin with cotton wool moistened with a solution that has been brewed coffee. Not only to tighten the face, the solution is used as a lotion that coffee can give the impression of smooth brown skin on your face.

3. Anti-wrinkle mask
Dilute a tablespoon of wheat flour with the coffee, mix the egg yolks into it, and stir until thick. Apply the mask to your face, let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse. If the diligent use of this wrinkle mask, then twice a week can seem to fade skin wrinkles.

4. Diminish Cellulite
spread the coffee grounds in the area of ​​your body that have cellulite. Then, using the plastic wrap and let stand for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Do this twice a week, to diminish the appearance of cellulite. In addition, you can also add coffee powder into a liquid soap, and do gentle massage every time you shower.

5. The Black Mask for Hair
Combine two egg yolks, one tablespoon of rum, and two tablespoons of warm water, then add one tablespoon of coffee powder and vegetable oil and stir. Apply the mask to your hair, leave on up to 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Darkness of your hair will be more concentrated mixture.

6. Hair Spray Hair To The Shine
Jennifer Love Hewitt also believe in the beauty benefits of coffee as an ingredient. Cast film 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' that use coffee to make the hair more shine. Jennifer gives tips; brewed coffee, then set aside some time, then put the coffee into a tube spray, spray into your hair and comb to tidy.

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6 Step How to Increase Your Memory

Forget and remember are two things that most often experienced by men all her life. By considering all the important things we can certainly make things easier, otherwise if a little forget and forget again, so beware of people who go senile.

There are 6 ways you can help us increase the ability to remember. Hopefully the following therapies can help.

1. Wake up and smell the rosemary.
In a study of 2003, the psychologists asked 144 volunteers to conduct a series of trials of long-term memory, working memory means, and test the reaction and attention. Some people do the test in an odor-free room, some in the room with the smell of rosemary essential oil, and the rest worked with husband smells of lavender.
The result, those working in the room by having great results in long-term memory and working memory compared with working in a room without smells, while working in the lavender-scented room worse in terms of working memory. Furthermore, those working in the rosemary-scented room feel more awake than those who work in the control room (no smell). Well, who worked in the lavender-scented room was more to feel sleepy.

Well, apparently it's good lavender to repel mosquitoes. But side effects can make us prefer to sleep.

2. Food Boost Your Memory
To keep the memories remain young despite the aging brain, researchers suggest that eating foods rich in antioxidants like blueberries, apples, bananas, dark green vegetables, onions, and carrots.
Antioxidants are molecules that bind and neutralize easily electrons are called "free radicals" that roam freely in the bloodstream. These free radicals increases with age and can kill brain.

Secondly, most of the brain is made of healthy fats, including the most important are the omega-3. So that the brain can repair itself and become neurons are connected properly, we must provide appropriate food for the brain. Well, omega-3 found in many species of fish and nuts.

3. Chewing gum
Research conducted in 2002 in England found that chewing gum providing better results in long-term memory test and short-term than those who did not chew anything.

The scientists suspect, the act of chewing gum will produce saliva, which increases heart rate, or it affects the functioning of the brain region called the hippocampus that causes the body to release insulin in preparation for the metabolism of food.

4. Brain Game
A program called Lumosity, developed with the help of neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists from Stanford University and the University of California at San Francisco, is specifically designed for parents who want to improve memory, concentration, waking, and even their mood.
Of course, there's always sports a classic brain and cheap, such as Sudoku and crossword puzzles that can be found anywhere. Exercises that will inspire knowledge and help the nerves in the brain interconnected.

5. Sleep.
In a study on lab scale using rats, while rats slept, two areas in the brain - the hippocampus and medial prefrontal cortex, an area associated with memory retrieval of the past (either in human or rat) - rotating display events throughout the day. This process is believed essential to consolidate and tidy up the files of new memories are formed.

6. Walk
Research shows that the memory center in the brain called the hippocampus shrinks with age. But research in 2011 to give good news: people grow older adults who regularly walk to maintain the volume of the hippocampus.

The study, led by Arthur Kramer of the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana that involved 60 adults aged 55 to 80 years. They did walk three times a week each for 40 minutes.

Enough activity to increase their heart rate. Other participants are the same number of muscle toning exercises weight training, yoga, and stretching, the same intensity.

After a year of tightening, the anterior hippocampus of participants lost a little over 1 percent of its volume, on average. In contrast, aerobic exercise a year makes about 2 percent increase in volume of the anterior hippocampus, reversing the natural aging hippocampus for about two years.

Scientists believe that it is caused by exercise-induced mild stress that triggers the production of growth factors in the brain. Possibly also due to greater blood flow to the brain so that more nutrients and oxygen are produced.

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