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Tips On How To Take Care Facial Natural, White and Clean

A collection of how to care for natural face, white and clean - Having a white face and clean is a dream for every person, whether male or female. But not everyone who has a white face, clean, and free of acne. For that in this article I will share interesting information on how to naturally treat the face, specifically for his Fabeluna, that friend's face free of acne and blackheads are disturbing. Want to know how to do?? Let us look at the following article

How can first companions from yourself at home:

- Sebaiklah wash your hands first with clean before touching the skin companions.

- Clean the skin with a facial cleansing routine every morning and evening, or after a friend out of the house.

- Be diligent wash your face every home from traveling.

- In the evening, take a moment to massage the skin with a gentle companions for 2 minutes, to eliminate fatigue and gives the skin a bright color.

- Wear a face mask at least 2 times a week for dirt on the face can be lifted.

- Do not squeeze pimples or blackheads occasionally, because it will cause irritation to the skin.

- Before traveling outside the home should be, use a moisturizer that protects the skin from the sun.

- Expand to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, and diligently taking vitamin E for skin health from the inside.

After learning the first way above, it would be nice companions Fabeluna can also try the following two ways to get healthy skin, clean and natural white.

$ Avocado

Avocados have benefits for moisturizing the skin, making it very suitable for use avocado as a face mask for dry skin.
- Mash avocado flesh
- After that, apply on face for 30 minutes
- Rinse with cotton wool and warm water to clean the mask is on the face.

$ Cucumber

Cucumber has benefits to clean the face of the black spots making skin look more radiant.
- Take 1/2 cucumber, peeled and then to clean
- After that, add 1 tablespoon of nonfat milk
- And also add 1 tablespoon of yogurt
- Blenderlah all the above ingredients until smooth
- Apply on face for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

$ Banana

Bananas beneficial to rejuvenate skin and if friend diligent use companions skin will be moist and chewy.
- Take a banana and mash fruit.
- Add olive oil or honey on bananas which had been destroyed earlier
- Oleskanlah on face and leave for 30 minutes
- Clean with cotton wool and warm water.

$ Apples

Apples can help reduce the oil on the face.
- Mash apples using belnder
- Do not add water when blended
- Apply evenly to the face and leave for 30 minutes
- Rinse with clean

How to take care of the face above? Quite easy and efficient is not it?? Now are you waiting for hurry try and feel the benefits for the friend's face. In addition to the above article, friends can also see the article on how to care for the skin and how to lose weight fast. Do not forget to visit yach .. Thank you ..

Characteristics Creams Containing Mercury

Characteristics Creams Containing Mercury

beauty-skin.jpg (300×200)

All ladies definitely want to get beautiful skin, but often we do not know that in a cosmetic product containing Dangerous materials, such as:
1. Mercury: It is definitely forbidden, too many damaging effects.
2. Hydroquinone: May digunaakan with max limit of 2% is allowed as a cosmetics-counter (OTC). Above it      should be supervision and prescription.
3. Retinoic acid acid: free must not have the doctor's prescription (not goods OTC).

For the cream of mercury, such as Ms. Rina wrote on the blog that the actual start creams has been good when passing through licensing, but then due to its many active ingredients plus a forged or without notification to the national authorities.

I am trying to help to identify the cream of mercury to the layman, characteristics cream containing Mercuri :
1. Generally facial bleach smell a bit hard (usually quite a bit smelly metal / given a perfume scent but I'll sting) it is suspect.
2. Creamy white-yellow. White for night cream, yellow to cream in the morning. Not all but suspect.
3. Specific traits rather shiny cream color. If we open the lid somewhat shiny surface cream / hologram.
Try dab in front of the mirror noticed there were lightning-flash stick in the face or not, it usually contains mercury. The sleek it: is mercury. Mercury is a metal that is why shiny. Nice creamy white color is not shiny hubcap.
4. Can make white skin in no time.
It is quite varied between 1-4 weeks depending on the number of mercury content in the cream. (The higher the mercury content faster yield of white on the face). Even as a result there is a very white face like (sorry) corpse, aka white.
5. Generally cause extreme itching in the beginning, depending on skin type. Hence some dg include "cream anti-irritant"
6. Skin more sensitive to sunlight, hot when exposed to direct sunlight.
7. Skin redness feels sore, usually 1-2 days early usage (different flavors pangs when wearing Peeling from a doctor).
8. Urinary tract disorders.

Creams containing Mercury Dangers use, namely:
1. Make damage to nerve disorders, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's cases, with the following characteristics: tremor (shaking), Insomnia (difficulty sleeping), disturbance of vision, ataxia (abnormal hand movements) Emotional disorders, senile, Depression, Disorientation space (Confusion & uneasy in the beginning).
2. Can slow fetal growth. Even menyababkan child has Autism.
Mercury that can not be wasted by the kidney, piled on the body, and into the fetus when the mother was pregnant. try googling about mercury and autism connection. Once blamed for immunization For preservative containing mercury, whereas the real mercury in cosmetic creams used the mother.
3. Result in miscarriage (fetal death and Infertility)
4. Black spots on the skin will blanch (though faded) and when use is stopped, spots that can / will arise again and getting worse (landscape).
5. Rebound effect (backlash) is a response against the skin will become dark / dull moment discontinued use cream.
6. For those who had been clean face will eventually arise spots are very severe (wide).
7. Can damage the skin layers below. So kl dg diagnostic lights illuminated, skin creams that use mercury will appear blue under it, because they will be dead skin cells. Furthermore bs cause skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma, melanoma malignum, etc.).
8. Damage to the gastrointestinal tract.
9. Damage to the kidneys which can lead to death from kidney failure. Consider water your urine smell after usage mercury cream, the smell of urine will be sharp. People who wear his usual mercury cream ngerasain pain. Because fatigue is not tp Because mercury is a heavy metal that accumulates in the kidney (renal located at the waist). The kidneys filter it is like milk. Mercury is like his batu2 gravel, kidney kl told to loud heavy metals such as mercury, lama2 his kidneys collapsed (kidney failure).

Hopefully it can be common knowledge that women are more thoughtful about cosmetic products. Not merely get instant beauty that makes the skin becomes damaged.

3 Foods to Avoid if You Want to Look Young

Want to keep your complexion smooth and youthful? Take a look at your plate. What you leave off of your plate is sometimes just as important as the food you’re putting on your plate when it comes to nutrients that can affect your complexion. Put your best face forward (and improve your health) by keeping these to a minimum (remember that classic motto... moderation):

Sugar—Sweets and refined carbs raise glucose levels, which increases advanced glycation end products, which in turn interferes with the repair of collagen and elastin, a protein that allows skin to retain its shape.

Saturated Fat—Found in marbled meats and full-fat dairy products, saturated fats may make you look older. Experts say that eating a lot of saturated fat can induce skin-aging inflammation.

Alcohol—With the exception of resveratrol-delivering red wine, alcohol can take a toll on your skin. It dries out skin and when metabolized in the liver, it creates skin’s enemy: free radicals.

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