five fruits contaminated with pesticide

Many processed foods began to be avoided in some people. Consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables began to be propagated. Fruits that are considered good for health pesticides were easily contaminated. Karenaya need to be vigilant.

Pests on fruit crops is always interfere with the growth of fruit. Pesticides or pesticides are often sprayed on crops to kill pests. Because of this pesticide can be attached to the fruit. If not washed before eating, can be harmful to health.

These fruits are much polluted by pesticides:

1. Apple
The fruit is the most contaminated pesticide. According to the results of pesticide testing, about 98 percent of pesticides attached to this fruit.

2. Strawberry
Sour taste of fresh fruit is indeed good for health. However, this fruit contains 13 kinds of pesticides were detected.

3. wine
After testing, the fruit is contaminated by 15 types of pesticides. Should wash thoroughly before eating.

4. Peach
Fruit from China is often called a peach. Although it contains many nutrients, the fruit is also contaminated with pesticides.

5. Blueberry
Fruit is still rarely encountered this taste a bit sour and often used as a salad topping or ice cream. Based on the results of testing a sample of blueberries contains 13 different types of pesticides.


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