Tips Eliminate Tired After Work

According to a study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, women who are "tired of work" is more likely to eat a lot of stress, anxiety or depression. Here's how to avoid fatigue during working hours.

1. The best way is to sleep more quickly. Ensure sufficient time istirat, at least seven hours per day.

2. Wake up, and then relaxation. Start each day with a relaxing rituals such as meditation, reading books, or just your body stretching exercises.

3. Learning how to say "no" politely. You are not a superwoman who can do all things in the office.

If the boss adds to your job, try to negotiate well. Maybe your boss was also not aware if you are overwhelmed.

4. Try to set the agenda of work, working on one task at a time. When you're really busy, turn off the email notifications that will only distract the concentration.

This will help reduce stress and manage your time more productive.

5. Do the things that provoke creativity when you are tired. This activity can be a weapon to restore morale.

If it is not possible to do it in the workspace, do as you're here at home.


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