Negative Effects of Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills are often the mainstay of insomnia sufferers. But be careful about taking sleeping pills. Abuse of these drugs can make you fall asleep forever.

Negative Effects of Sleeping Pills
Negative Effects of Sleeping Pills

Researchers from a sleep clinic in California revealed that people who get a prescription for sleeping pills five times higher risk of dying compared with non-drinkers sleeping pills.

The study was conducted on 10 529 people who have been prescribed sleeping tablets and 23 600 people who did not. Both groups of respondents have a range of age, health status, as well as the same economic status.

In comparing the two groups, the researchers revealed that people who take 18 sleeping pills in a year, the risk of death 3.6 times higher than those not taking sleeping pills at all. Meanwhile, taking the drug between 18-132 sleeping pill in a year the risk is increased to five times.

It is not perfect because of studies linking sleep medication with a high mortality does not mean sleeping pills as a single causative factor. But it never hurts to take extra care to doses of sleeping pills are consumed. Moreover the results of the analysis conducted by researchers from Canada in 2010 gave similar results.


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