Turn off the lights for Sleep Quality and Health

All the sleepy at night, thriving in the morning. Daily cycle of eating, sleeping and full of vitality is part of the circadian rhythm or biological clock is ticking in the body. This internal clock can also be influenced by external factors such as a clock or other timepiece such as prayer, kentongan peddlers and the simplest is the light.

During the development of human evolution, we have to rely on light-dark cycle. The human biological clock is sensitive to light. Melatonin, popularly understood as the sleep hormone, is produced only when dark. SCN or suprachiasmatic nucleus, is the central biological clock of the light-sensitive nature of its name implied. Nucleus is located above (supra) the optic nerve (Chiasma).

Known as the hormone melatonin in addition to sleep also found to reduce the risk of someone getting cancer. A study showed that melatonin will protect your DNA from oxidation that can lead to cancer.

Unfortunately, humans are now kept bathed in light throughout the day and night. Up to millions of years of evolution in the human biological clock, it is difficult to adjust to these changes. Since the bulb is found, slow movement of human activity becomes longer. Hours worked increased, until the shift was made. Then, all secondary services to support the needs of workers had grown until now the 24-hour service. No wonder the sleep medicine experts say that sleep starts since the invention of light bulbs.

Shift in human activity can not be avoided. But the biological clock ticking inside can not be changed just like that. The need for sleep will still be hit, although the biological clock of confusion with the light continues to shine. Although eventually we fell asleep, but still a bright light will interfere with sleep quality. Artificial light sources that interfere with a lamp is in addition to the monitor screen, television and the gadget. So sleeping with the television stays on is also not recommended.

To get a cycle of activity and good quality sleep, consider the exposure to light. Start the evening light began to decrease. Not that it should complete darkness. Suppose we move in a room, another room that no one should be dimmed light. Thus, our brain will also begin to recognize the late afternoon of the reduced light. Also limit your exposure to the eyes of the rays produced gadget at least twenty minutes before bedtime. Change activities before bed by reading, or just do skin care.

In his sleep, would darken the bedroom. But let a little light still sneak in, or use a small night light in the room. This is so you can still see when the middle of the night woke up and had to go to the bathroom.

Limiting the start of the evening light is also environmentally friendly. We can save more energy by reducing electricity consumption for lighting. Make it a habit every day, you improve the quality of sleep, quality of health and quality of life and also helped care for the earth.

When turning off the lights an hour in "Earth Hour" could be a good exercise to start the habit of reducing the light.


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