Benefits of Garlic for Health

Benefits of Garlic - garlic for health can make us healthy, apart from its benefits for health, beauty face, removing pimples, and smooths the skin and so many benefits of garlic this kitchen apart from cake recipe ingredients, well at this time after long time not update Fitr would like to invite all our readers to know what benefits Garlic that has not occurred to them.

The following can be read whatever the benefits of Garlic.
Garlic contains many nutrients. This plant serves to maintain health and ward off diseases, ranging from worms to cancer and other degenerative diseases. Another benefit to improve memory and immunity, and prevent premature aging.
Garlic's reputation as one of the important components in a variety of cooking spices and cure various diseases, is well known throughout the world.

Garlic originated from Central Asia, namely Japan and China. From both subtropical countries, the garlic spread throughout Asia, Europe, and finally to the whole world.
Garlic bulbs consist of a few cloves (3-12 cloves) are clustered together to form large bulbs, white and shaped like a top. The name for garlic is very diverse, namely garlic (UK), knoflook (Germany), suan (China), pills (Korea), ninniku (Japan), aglio (Italy), thoam (Arabic), ajo (Spanish).

Garlic has a Latin name Allium sativum Linn. All the word means smells and meaningful sativum cultivated. Sativum designation to distinguish it from other types of onions that grow wild, namely Allium longicurpis Regel.
Family or genus Allium sebenarnva there are about 500 species. More than 250 species of which include garlic-onions. Plant garlic can be found in the form terna (clustered), grow upright, and can reach a height of 30-60 cm.

1. Treating toxic injuries and complaints of bronchitis. 
Efficacy onion recovered to prevent and cure various diseases has been known since ancient Greece. Hippocrates advocated the use of garlic to treat wounds and grievances toxic bronchitis (inflammation of the lungs). In fact, in China famous for an old adage. If you have reached the age of 50 years and then eat the garlic for 50 days, you will increase the age of 50 years. The phrase is not true 100 percent, but suggests that garlic is important for health, so it can extend life expectancy.

2. Adding Vitality Body. 
 In ancient Egypt, the slave who deployed in the construction of the pyramid is always equipped with a ration of garlic to stay healthy body condition. Similarly, in a wandering Viking who conquered various countries always take garlic as a complement to their logistics.

3. Retaining MemoriesEfficacy of garlic as a healthy traditional food has long attracted the attention of scientists. Dr. Saito, one of Japan's leading researchers on the aging process, have found that garlic can prolong the life span of mice maintained in the laboratory.
A study at the University of Tokyo noted that garlic is good for groups of elderly people. This plant is able to rejuvenate the brain and boost the immune system.
Garlic extract has been shown to suppress neuronal cell damage in the brain and can even stimulate the growth of new neuronal cells. From the experiments it is proved that the old rats fed garlic scored better in memory tests than those not given garlic.

4. Prevent CANCER. 
 Ration of garlic was also produced more antibodies and lymphocytes, the white blood cells to fight infection. In addition, garlic is also efficacious to prevent us from cancer in old age, terutam risk of stomach cancer and colon.
Research conducted at the University of Minnesota also showed that the odds of getting cancer by 50 percent in older women who ate garlic. Prostate cancer cells grow only a quarter of normal speed when sufferers eat garlic.

In 1981, researchers from medicine research center at Tagore Medical College, India, reported the effects of raw garlic and fry are tested on 20 patients who had a history of heart disease. The results showed that the tendency of blood clots in blood vessels is reduced, which is indicated by an increased fibrinolytic activity.

5. Lowering Cholesterol. 
 The greatness of the consumption of garlic as a suppressor of cholesterol are also recorded in several studies. Consumption of garlic and a half to one clove a day for a month can lower cholesterol levels by 9 percent. One of the most powerful anti-cholesterol substance in garlic is ajone, a compound which also prevents blood clotting.

Research conducted by Bordia, and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 1981 revealed that garlic can lower cholesterol by 14 percent and increase the good cholesterol HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) by 40 percent after six months.
Meanwhile, epidemiological studies revealed that groups of people who consume 30-50 g of garlic a week had significantly lower cholesterol levels compared to groups of people whose level of consumption is not that big.

Garlic is also known to prevent heart attacks. The study involving 432 patients with heart disease showed that those who eat garlic (2-3 cloves per day) was able to survive longer.
This happens because the garlic is able to shrink blockages in heart arteries. Because of that, fans of the meat needs to include garlic (in the form of a spice or pickles) to reduce the adverse effects of animal fats.

6. Antibody  
Several studies have shown that garlic is also very efficacious for parasite killing worms in the body. Garlic as an article in Aquarium Fish Antinematodal agent, November 1995, showed that garlic inhibits the growth of nematodes (worms) in the digestive tract Pterophylum scalare.

That's some of the benefits of garlic may be used and hopefully post Benefits of Garlic is beneficial for health.


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